Daytripper Photography was created by Jerilyn, and her husband, Bill. Both Jerilyn and Bill love photography, especially Landscape and Wildlife Photography, along with shooting HDR of the random things in life that one may happen upon.

Daytripper was a name chosen by Jerilyn because of the many day trips she and Bill love to take. They are nestled in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota where she takes many photographs, as well as taking photographs in many surrounding areas. They also love to travel to the Big Horns, Bear Lodge Mountains, the Grand Tetons, and especially Yellowstone National Park.

Photography is not just a hobby, it is a passion, a way of life, looking at the beauty of our surroundings, making new discoveries, and seeing wonders that pass some of us by. Jerilyn and Bill both always attempt to capture what others may not have the opportunity to visit, to see the beauty through her lens.

You will find Daytripper Photography on an adventure, looking for that out of the ordinary photo that is not seen by many; for discovering the unusual and hidden places, sharing all of our day trips with you.

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